NAS Corpus Christi, TX



About Us

We are a family who have enjoyed many vacations over the years. A family like you who appreciates a good value and a good time. And, as with most families, every year the same question seems to arise.....

"Where can we rent a great CONDO on the beach and have the most fun without spending a lot of money?"



Top Ten Reasons to Visit Corpus Christi

  • Perfect location for everyone in your party to have a great vacation

  • Family friendly

  • Nationally recognized wind and kite surfing

  • Unique shopping and dining experience

  • Wonderful golf at even better prices

  • The best museums in Texas

  • Great open air bars

  • Fisherman's paradise

  • Barbecues allowed on the beach

  • Soothing Gulf breeze nightly


3938 Surfside Blvd.
Corpus Christi, TX  78402




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